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We believe that transformation is not an option, but a necessity:

  1. The best disruption is the one done preemptively.

  2. Courage and determination are required for change.

  3. Without data threre is no chance to manage properly.

  4. We have to stop talking about digital and incorporate it naturally into the business.

  5. It is a good practice and works to be inspired by models from other industries.

  6. If the product does not sell well, it must be improved or changed.

  7. Profitability results from protecting price integrity and the perception of value

  8. Creativity today is perceived as a commodity, while innovation is added value.

  9. What brought the company to a certain stage is not the same practice that will get it out of trouble.

  10. There are no chances of success if talent is not cared.

  11. The transformation works by accumulation, it is not a single event.

  12. There is no arrival point, you have to accept that from now on, change will be norm.

  13. A digital organization continually reinvents itself.


We have developed this framework that we use as a guide for everything we do for our clients. We believe that everything starts withEMPATHY, because every social relationship has to do with it, and because it serves to understand how we are influenced and united by things we do not see. That is why we have refined our listening to be able to perceive, infer and share the feelings and problems of our clients to provide them with personalized and effective solutions that are consistent with ourPURPOSE, which is to help companies transform and achieve success, for this we have published two books and developed studies and workshops that contribute to theRESILIENCEthat is required to understand situations, problems and adapt positively.

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